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May 5, 2022

Caryn Culver is a life long Tennessean and currently resides in Knoxville with her husband Chad and 3 children. Caryn's middle child, Peyton, was diagnosed with autism in 2010 at the age of two.

Since this time, their family has been on a journey to help Peyton reach his best potential. After visiting doctors and specialists around the country and trying numerous therapies, Peyton has finally found his voice with Spelling to Communicate (S2C).

Peyton, now 14 years old, has made it his mission to help other non-speakers have access to communication programs like S2C. Please visit for more details.

*To hear my first discussion with Caryn back in 2020 where we discuss parenting and how they found the S2C program, listen to podcast episode 44.


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